Elangomat Training

Training Classes
The Elangomat Chairman or Vice Chief of Induction will usually hold a few training classes during the year, particularly in advance of an Ordeal.  These classes can last one to two hours for a typical session.

During training, participants will learn about the role and importance of the Elangomat in the inductions process.  Participants will be given detailed information about the Ordeal process and their role in the ceremonies.

What is an Elangomat?
You can look up the definition for yourself, but understand that the Elangomat should be the BEST of the lodge's Arrowmen.  The Elangomat is the first representative of the OA for candidates and new members.

What makes for a good Ordeal experience?
It's not the weather.  It's not the food.  It's not even the cool sash you get at the end.  It's the...can you guess?

A good Elangomat can lead to a GREAT Ordeal experience and continued involvement of our new members.  A bad, or even mediocre, Elangomat can lead to a TERRIBLE Ordeal experience, often resulting in the familiar "sash and dash".

The challenge is to find and develop Arrowmen who can be good Elangomats.  Most lodges don't have the luxury of hand-picking Arrowmen to serve in this incredibly important role.