Welcome Elangomats
The Elangomat program is frequently misunderstood, but it is truly one of the most important functions in the Lodge.  If you have a passion for Scouting and the Order of the Arrow, you could be an Elangomat!

Please review the information about training and responsibilities of an Elangomat on this site.  You can also review the Guide to Inductions available from the national Order of the Arrow site.

What does it mean to serve?
There are many ways to help our Lodge and to serve your fellow Scouts.  Why serve as an Elangomat?  Because it may be the single most impactful function in the inductions process.  A good Elangomat will help this clan complete their Ordeal and seal their membership in the Brotherhood.  A mediocre or bad Elangomat will be less successful, or even be responsible for some new members never returning after their Ordeal.  You can see that we want good Elangomats!  The way to have good Elangomats is to train them.

Please contact the Elangomat Chairman Jacob Pearson (Jacob.Pearson@catawba459.org), Elangomat Chairman Advisor Brian Hooper (Brian.Hooper@catawba459.org), or the Vice Chief of Inductions Steve Mazur (Steve.Mazur@catawba459.org) if you are interested in learning more about becoming an Elangomat to those elected into the Order of the Arrow.