Clan Management
Clans in the Ordeal Process
Catawba Lodge will form clans by randomly assigning a clan number to each candidate upon check-in for the Ordeal.  This practice lets us form complete clans before all candidates have arrived, allowing us to begin the Ordeal process with the ready clans.

Once the Ordeal process has begun, we at Catawba Lodge will not break up a clan of Ordeal candidates for any reason other than health and safety.  We work very hard to form our clans and let them remain together for the duration of the Ordeal weekend.

Allergies and Medical Conditions that Restrict Activity
We treat the health and safety of all Arrowmen and candidates as our top priority.  Upon arrival, we ask each candidate about his/her food allergies, medical restrictions, and life-saving medications they may require.  We specifically ask about epi-pens and rescue inhalers, as well as food allergies like tree nuts and dairy.

Every Elangomat should be asking similar questions while getting to know his/her clan.  Before beginning the Ordeal process, the Elangomat and the Elangomat Chairman will compare notes to ensure we have a complete picture of special needs and restrictions.

Youth or Adult?
Catawba Lodge strictly adheres to all Youth Protection guidelines when forming clans.  BSA rules state that a person under 18 years of age is a "youth" and anyone 18 years of age or older is an "adult".  We assign youth Elangomats to work with youth clans and adult Elangomats to work with adult clans.

After the Ordeal
Each Elangomat is sent an email with a copy of the clan information sheet.  This sheet contains all the contact information that the Elangomat gathered during the Ordeal process.  The Elangomat must then follow up with each new member and encourage him/her to come to future events.